“CODDLE someone means treat them too kindly or protect them too much.”

PetCoddle is born out of frustration of a pet lover who was not happy with the low-quality information about better caring for your pets.

Hi, my name is Cindy Davis & I am the person behind this website.

PetCoddle is established with a very simple vision:

  • To become a trusted resource where people can come and learn about better care for their pets.
  • To provide the best, most reliable, easy to understand, pet care advice.

The website has many articles on various pets, including pet care, health, diet, nutrition, and much more. The site also features in-depth reviews of the best gear and accessories for your pets.

I really hope that this site educates you on the topic.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I am always looking for ideas, suggestions, comments, and questions of our readers