Are Maine Coon Cats High Maintenance?

Are Maine Coon Cats High Maintenance

Maine coon’s size and appearance are stunning! I’d love to own one, but I have no idea about this cat’s needs and care requirements. I read a few books about these cats and learned a lot of useful information about the breed.

Are Maine Coon Cats High Maintenance? Maine coon is a relatively high maintenance breed; they are large, long-haired cats and therefore require:

  • big litter box
  • big scratching post
  • big cat carrier
  • more food than regular size cats
  • a strong owner who is able to carry it around
  • grooming twice a week (more than twice during the molting period)
  • lots of activity

Despite their size, they are great pets. If you want to learn more about keeping up with their needs, please continue reading.

Litter Box For Your Maine Coon

It might be challenging to find a proper size litter box for your Maine coon, but many pet stores carry them as well as pet stores online. Until your Main coon reaches its full size, you will be able to use a regular size cat litter box.

If you are unable to find a litter box that works for your cat, you can use a plastic storage container that is tall enough for the size of your cat. Containers are an affordable replacement for a litter box, and they will help keep the litter inside the box.

Big Scratching Post

A scratching post for Maine Coon must be tall enough to accommodate the size of this breed. The cat should be able to stretch its full body while scratching the post.

If you’re thinking of buying one of those scratching trees/towers that contain climbing, playing, and sleeping areas, you will need to purchase the post that is wide enough for your cat’s body size.

The best practice is to put a few scratching posts in different areas around the house.

Both male and female Maine Coon can grow to be 40 inches (1 meter) long from their nose to tail, and weigh anywhere from 10-25 lbs (4.5-11.3 kg)

Big Cat Carrier

As your Maine coon grows, it will require a larger carrier for occasional veterinary visits or transportation.

Maine coon breed doesn’t reach its full size until four years old. Luckily, the variety and sizes of carriers available will help you choose the right one for your individual Maine coon. The majority of possible cat carriers you can find in online stores, but pet stores near you might also carry some.

Choose the best quality carrier regardless of color and shape since your Maine coon will be much more massive than most cat breeds. If you can’t find the appropriate size of a cat carrier, you may use a dog carrier instead.

Maine Coon Eats More Than Other Cat Breeds

You will have to keep up with their food dishes being full. This breed doesn’t require any special food requirements, but they eat more significant portions because they are large. To keep them fit and healthy, feed them a healthy diet.

Maine coon in nature is a hunter and eats smaller prey. Raw food would be the best option, but not everyone has the time or willingness to prepare raw food for their Maine coon. It’s not that difficult to make it yourself. There is a variety of recipes available online that are easy to follow.

If you wish to feed your Maine coon pet food from the store, try different food brands until you find one that works for your unique cat. Combine wet and dry food in a cat’s diet.

Dry food is denser, so take that into consideration when feeding your Maine Coon. Make sure you feed them a few times a day to avoid obesity.

Strength to Carry it Around (especially with carrier)

As mentioned, this breed can grow (10-25 lbs = 4.5-11.3 kg), and sometimes you will carry your cat to the vet or some other places you’ll occasionally visit.

The size won’t be an issue while the Maine coon is growing up, but it can become challenging once it reaches its full size. A variety of carriers are available at pet stores. Choose a carrier that is good quality and can carry heavy pets.

Available substitutes for the carrier are pet backpacks and pet strollers. Pet strollers have zipperless entry and are certainly big enough even for multiple cats. The downside of this option is that pet strollers can be pricy. If you have health issues yourself and can’t carry your loving Maine coon, this is an option to consider.

Grooming Your Maine Coon

They need grooming twice a week since they do shed a lot, plus it helps their coats stay nice and remove any loose hair.

During the molting period, your Maine coon will need grooming few times a week. These are times of the year when they are losing an old coat and growing a new one. This process happens in Spring and Autumn.

Necessary grooming tools you’ll need to brush, trim and clean Maine coon’s coat:

  • soft bristle brush
  • wire slicker brush
  • fine-tooth comb
  • de-matting comb
  • undercoat rake brush

Grooming kits for long hair cats are also available for purchase and contains the basic brushes you’ll need to keep their coats beautiful.

Start with grooming your Maine coon early while they are kittens and make it fun. Not every cat enjoys brushing. Your cat will enjoy this bonding time if you make it a routine.

Maine Coon is Active Cat

This breed is playful and requires attention. Spend quality time playing with your Maine coon to keep it happy. If you’re often busy and not usually at home, you shouldn’t choose this breed. Consider taking your cat for a leash walk if you decide to become an owner of a Maine coon.

To play with your Maine Coon, use toys you would use to play with any other breed. I found the cat’s featherhead bird toy to be very helpful to keep them busy. Laser pointers are another great yet affordable play tool. Your Maine Coon will have fun running around trying to catch it. You can buy one that is attachable to the wall or a self-standing one; you cat set it to run for a certain time in different directions.

Another great toy that is easily made at home is just an aluminum foil ball (marble). Your Maine Coon will love chasing it around, and you can make it as small or as big as you want. It probably won’t cost you a penny since there is a good chance that you already have aluminum foil in your kitchen cabinet.

Related questions:

Are Maine Coons friendly with other cats? 

Maine Coon cats are friendly cats and get along very well with the same or different cat breeds. It’s unlikely for this breed to be aggressive toward other cats. Your Maine Coon will enjoy socializing and play with other cats. 

Are Maine Coon cats lap cats? 

Maine Coons is a very affectionate cat breed, but not all of them like to sit on your lap. Depending on the individuality of Maine Coon, some will seek more or less lap-sitting time. Some Maine Coons will sit on your lap for a few seconds while petting them, but not for a long time. One significant fact about the Maine Coon is they will follow you everywhere and will ask for your attention all of the time. They love it when you pet them and will be happy to sleep next to you.

Does Maine Coon like water? 

The majority of Maine Coon cats love being around the water. Your Maine Coon may go and sit in the bathtub, sink or get into the shower while you’re taking a shower. They love to scoop water outof their water bowl. They will most likely drink water from a faucet, as well as put their toys in the water bowlto scoop them out with their paw. They will enjoy bathing if you make it a routine while they are kittens, and you can bathe them once a month.

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