Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries (Risks & Benefits)

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries (Risks & Benefits)

If you are contemplating whether to feed a strawberry to your guinea pig or not, keep aside your concerns and give small pieces of strawberry to your pet. Strawberries are actually one of the healthiest foods for guinea pigs. 

Guinea pigs have several benefits of eating strawberries, only if consumed in limited amounts. Avoid feeding them in excessive quantities as they can lead to a few risks, and keep in mind not to replace strawberries with the daily diet of guinea pigs. 

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Eat Strawberries? 

Well, it depends on your cavy. For instance, mostly guinea pigs would like to eat strawberries, but a few of them might be allergic to this fruit. It is because guinea pigs are subjected to several diet allergies, and strawberry is one of them.

Are Strawberries Safe To Be Eaten By Guinea Pigs? 

Yes, it is safe for guinea pigs to consume strawberries in small quantities. You can feed this fruit by chopping it into tiny pieces or slices to your pet. Strawberry is mostly safe to guinea pigs unless in the following situations: 

  • If the strawberry has pesticides on its surface and is not washed properly 
  • When your pet is using beta-blockers 
  • If the guinea pig is allergic to this berry fruit 

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Strawberries To Guinea Pigs? 

Below we have listed the nutritional value of 100 grams of strawberries

  • Water – 91.1 g 
  • Energy – 35 
  • Protein – 0.64 g 
  • Total lipid – 0.22 g 
  • Ash – 0.41 g 
  • Carbohydrate – 7.63 g 
  • Total dietary fibers – 1.8 g 
  • Total sugars – 5.34 g 
  • Sucrose – 0.11 g 
  • Glucose – 2.39 g 
  • Fructose – 2.84 g 
  • Calcium, Ca – 12 mg 
  • Iron, Fe – 0.28 mg 
  • Magnesium, Mg – 11.8 mg 
  • Phosphorus, P – 20 mg 
  • Potassium, K – 89 mg 
  • Sodium, Na – 10 mg  
  • Copper, Cu – 0.119 mg 
  • Manganese, Mn 0.28 mg 
  • Selenium, Se – 0.4 µg 
  • Total ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) – 56 mg 
  • Niacin – 0.386 mg 
  • Pantothenic acid – 0.122 mg
  • Total Folate – 8 µg 
  • Lutein + zeaxanthin – 22 µg
  • Phylloquinone (Vitamin K) – 2.1 µg 

As mentioned earlier, there are several benefits of eating strawberries. Here is a brief list of the primary health advantages of strawberries: 

1. Plenty Of Vitamin C 

Strawberries contain high vitamin C levels, even more than oranges. Guinea pigs are relatively vulnerable to scurvy, which is a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency. As their body can not generate vitamin C, feeding strawberries is beneficial for these little pets. 

2. Fewer Sugar Levels Than Some Other Fruits 

Despite having a sweet taste, strawberries do not contain high levels of sugar. In 200 grams of strawberries, only 7 to 8 grams of sugar is present. It is the best fruit for your cavy, which has fewer chances of obesity or diabetes. 

3. Controlling Blood Pressure 

Strawberries have enough amounts of potassium required for your little pets. These potassium levels can control the blood pressure of the guinea pig. 

4. Help In Decreasing Inflammation 

Strawberries aid in lessening inflammation in guinea pigs. This tiny fruit is loaded with plenty of antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and eradicate free radicals from your cavy pet’s body.  

5. Good For Heart Health 

Quercetin and Anthocyanin are two chemical compounds present in strawberries. They help in reducing guinea pigs’ cholesterol levels. Due to that, this fruit can enhance cardiovascular health.

Are Strawberries Good For Guinea Pigs? 

Of course, yes. Like we mentioned in the benefits section, strawberries deliver a wide range of health advantages for guinea pigs. It is because of the immense nutritional value of strawberries. This fruit will be beneficial for your cavy if given as a treat once every week. 

Giving a few tiny slices of strawberry is favorable for guinea pigs. This fruit is good for your little pet unless given in heavy amounts. Besides that, excessive slices of strawberry can cause indigestion, stomach ache, or upset stomach. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How Many Strawberries Can A Guinea Pig Eat A Day? 

You should not give strawberries to the guinea pig daily. Feed two or three bite-sized pieces one or two times a week. 

Can I Give A Guinea Pig A Whole Strawberry? 

Yes, it is safe to give the whole strawberry to guinea pigs, including the fruit, stem, and even leaves. 

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Eat Strawberry Tops?

There are a few guinea pigs that enjoy eating strawberry tops rather than fruit. Hence, it entirely relies on the pet whether it will prefer to eat the strawberries or its tops. 


Strawberry is safe for guinea pigs and can be eaten occasionally in small quantities because of its primary health benefits. Remember not to feed them daily and avoid giving excessive slices of this fruit. 

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