Can Hamsters Eat Tomatoes? (How Much, Benefits, Harmfulness)

Can Hamsters Eat Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a type of fruit that can be delicious to humans, but it’s not so obvious whether or not they’re safe for hamsters. The question “can hamsters eat tomatoes?” has been asked by many owners. After thoroughly researching the topic, I found the answer.

Can Hamsters Eat Tomatoes

As a general rule, healthy hamsters can safely eat ripe tomato flesh. However, hamster owners should only feed tomatoes as a special treat once in two weeks and no more than 5% of the total daily food intake. According to their size, dwarf hamsters can consume 1/4 teaspoon of tomatoes. In contrast, their larger counterparts, such as Syrian and Chinese hamsters, can eat 1/2 teaspoon of tomatoes per serving.  

I will review tomato nutritional value, whether they are safe for a hamster to eat, how much is too much, benefits, precautions, and more.

Are Tomatoes Safe For Hamsters?

This question seems to have divided opinions among owners and hamster experts. 

Some say that tomato is safe for hamsters, while others disagree.

Indeed, they’re not a fruit we would automatically think of as dangerous to our furry friends.

Tomatoes are safe but are not part of a staple hamster’s diet. 

As with other non-essential foods, this veggie is harmless in moderation, after which they can be harmful to your Hamster.

But, as with all foods, owners should introduce them gradually.

Can Hamsters Eat Tomatoes Of All Types And Colors?

There are plenty of varieties of tomatoes available in the market, but these are some commonly found tomato varieties.

  • Cherry tomato
  • Grape tomato
  • Plum tomato
  • Yellow tomato
  • Campari tomato
  • Pear tomato
  • Beefsteak tomato
  • Heirloom tomato

Hamsters can safely snack on all different colors, shapes, and sizes of tomatoes as long as they are served fresh, ripe, and in the right amount.

Can Hamsters Eat Cherry Tomatoes?

It’s a well-known fact that hamsters love cherry tomatoes. 

So if they’re ripe and fed very occasionally, it should be safe for them to eat up to five percent of their overall food intake.

This tomato type is one of the most common ones found in the homes of hamster owners.

Can Hamsters Eat Grape Tomatoes?

Grape tomatoes are safe for hamsters to eat in small amounts sparingly. 

However, the serving amount of a grape tomato should not exceed 5% of your Hamster’s daily food intake.

Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Tomatoes?

Dwarf Hamster’s diet is similar to those of other types of hamsters. Tomatoes remain a safe snack for dwarf hamsters when fed in the right amount, about one-fourth of a teaspoon per serving. 

Dwarf hamsters are smaller in size than regular hamsters (such as Syrian and Chinese).

Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Tomatoes?

Syrian hamsters (Golden Hamster) can eat tomatoes if they’re healthy. 

Still, their owners should feed them only occasionally and use a serving size of half a teaspoon or less.

Do Hamsters Like Tomatoes?

Hamsters may have different opinions on tomatoes, but most of them do like the taste. 

However, do not force your Hamster to eat a tomato if it does not like it, though.

Introducing Tomato To a Hamster

Some hamsters are more sensitive to the food they consume than others. Similar to other foods, not all hamsters are compatible with tomatoes.

This is why it’s crucial to introduce tomatoes gradually and separately from other foods, giving your Hamster a tiny amount.

Monitor your Hamster after the pet eats and ensure no side effects such as diarrhea and bloating.

Are All Tomato Plant Parts Safe For Hamsters To Eat?

Some owners are unsure whether hamsters can safely consume or chew on other parts of the tomato plant.

Here is what you need to know.

Can hamsters eat tomato leaves?

Tomato leaves are harmful or even poisonous to hamsters. So be sure you keep this part of a plant away from them!

Can hamsters eat tomato stems (stalks)?

Tomato stems and stalks are toxic to hamsters. 

Owners should be careful not to feed these plant components. A single part of it can cause serious health issues for your Hamster and even lead to death! 

Can hamsters eat tomatoes with seeds?

Some people are afraid that tomato seeds might pose a choking hazard. 

But this is unlikely because tomatoes have small, soft seed parts – in the event of any concerns, it’s wise to remove them anyway before feeding your pet!

Benefits Of Tomatoes To Hamsters?

Although tomato essential isn’t food that a hamster needs to consume, this fruit still provides some benefits.

These are some tomato benefits:

  1. low in calories
  2. low in sugar
  3. low in fat
  4. full of minerals
  5. rich in vitamins (vitamin C in particular)
  6. full of antioxidants

However, the nutritional content in tomatoes per Hamster’s snack amount doesn’t provide much nutrition.

In addition to a well-balanced diet, tomatoes can also help keep your Hamster healthy.

Precautions With Feeding Tomatoes

Here are some facts about tomatoes that owners should be aware of:

  1. The acid could potentially harm your Hamster when overfeeding on tomatoes. It’s unsafe to feed any pet too much due to tomato acidity.
  2. The moderate amount of oxalates in tomato (7 mg per one medium-sized piece) is not dangerous to your Hamster if they consume it occasionally. However, overfeeding could lead to health problems.
  3. Pesticides present on unwashed tomatoes can harm a hamster.

According to the EWG (Environmental Working Group), tomato is among the Dirty Dozen Foods, with the higher pesticide concentration.

Tomato fruit is not recommended for hamsters in large quantities or to feed often.

It’s because this plant is a member of the nightshade family, which contains tomatine that is toxic to hamsters.

Tomatine (a solanum alkaloid) can cause health issues when hamsters eat, such as neurological and gastrointestinal illnesses such as irritation of membranes lining stomachs.

For safety reasons, unripe tomatoes (green tomatoes), along with their stems and leaves, should be avoided because they carry this toxin.

The acid in tomatoes can upset a hamster’s stomach. 

As a result, it may lead to diarrhea or dehydration, both of which would be dangerous situations for your furry friend!

Can Tomatoes Kill Hamsters?

Hamsters are sensitive to the acidity in tomato fruit. 

If they eat too many and often, this could lead them to serious health problems that may end up being fatal!

On the contrary, leaves, stems, and stalks can be deadly to hamsters in small amounts.

Processed Tomatoes and Hamsters

Owners love sharing some human food with their hamsters, but processed foods are not the type of foods hamsters should be eating, even if they are made of fruit and vegetables.

Can hamsters eat processed tomatoes?

Potentially unsafe for hamsters, owners should avoid giving processed tomatoes, including soups, sauces, purees, ketchup, and other forms of tomato.

These are unhealthy, even toxic in a small amount, depending on chemicals and spices such as garlic or onion they may contain.

Feeding Tomatoes Don’ts

  • To avoid overfeeding your pet Hamster with tomatoes, stick to the serving sizes
  • don’t feed your tomatoes to your Hamster every day
  • please don’t give your hamster tomato without thoroughly rinsing it with warm water
  • don’t ever feed green (unripe) tomato to your Hamster
  • don’t serve moldy tomato to your Hamster
  • avoid feeding any processed tomato
  • never give your Hamster pickled tomato; these are green tomatoes full of spices and vinegar that can hurt the Hamster

What Foods Are Poisonous To Hamsters?

These are known as unsafe and toxic to Hamsters:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Garlic
  3. Onion
  4. Raw beans
  5. Raw potatoes
  6. Citrus fruit
  7. Bitter almonds
  8. Apple seeds
  9. Raw rhubarb
  10. Rhubarb leaves
  11. Tomato leaves
  12. Tomato stems

To see the list of plants generally poisonous and safe for animals, please visit

What Fruits and Vegetables Can Hamsters Eat?

Some safe fruits and vegetables you can offer to your Hamster include:

Apples (no seeds), Bananas, Blueberries, Grapes, Strawberries
Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Dandelion greens, Kale, Peas, Potato (cooked), Romaine lettuce, Spinach, Sweet potato, Squash

Can hamsters eat cucumber and tomatoes?

Both cucumber and tomato are snack food for a hamster and are safe to eat. However, both of these vegetables (these are technically fruits) are watery. They are not recommended to feed at the same time.

If you choose to feed both these fruits in one meal, be careful not to give them too much by cutting down their servings size in half! That way, the Hamster can have a tiny bit of each fruit.


Feeding tomatoes to your Hamster is not the worst thing you can do. Furthermore, they should only eat them sparingly because it mainly provides fluid and is not their principal food.

Tomato is generally unharmful to all hamster types, including Dwarf Winter White Russian hamster, Dwarf Campbell Russian hamster, Roborovski hamster, Syrian Hamster, Chinese Hamster, and other pet hamsters.

It’s important to provide your pet hamster with a balanced diet that includes some fruits and vegetables now and then, such as tomato.

The amount and frequency of food that you feed your Hamster are very important for its safety, which is why less tomato will go a long way.

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