How Much Are Ferrets? (Price & Detailed Cost Estimate)

How Much Are Ferrets? (Price & Detailed Cost Estimate)

When owning a ferret, or even multiple ferrets, the cost of buying depends on various factors. So, as a future ferret owner, I needed to know how much are ferrets and the overall cost of owning a ferret, not just the price of an animal itself. Here is what I’ve learned.

How Much Are Ferrets?

Expect to pay anywhere from $75-$500 for the animal alone, depending on the place you’re buying from. The first-year cost of owning one ferret is anywhere from $2,045-$2,965. An average monthly cost after the first year is from $110-$130.

If you decide to buy a ferret, the high upfront costs are worth it because this pet is unlike any other.

What Do Pet Ferrets Need

In general, ferrets’ very basic needs are:

  • food
  • water
  • cage and cage accessories
  • bedding
  • assorted toys
  • grooming supplies
  • litter box and litter, or training pads

How Much Does Owning a Ferret Cost?

To determine how much owning ferret costs, we’ll break down all of their expenses. From buying the animal until its end, plenty of different expenses accumulate and pile up with each passing month.

Detailed First Year Ferret Cost

When making a new pet addition, you must purchase everything the animal will need.

The following list includes essential items necessary for one ferret.

One-time expenses

Name of the expensePrice
Food dish$10
Water dish$10
Two litter boxes$30
Litter scoop$10
Cage cleaning dustpan and brush$10
Bedding $80
Pet Hides$20
Assorted toys$100
Leash and harness (optional)$20-$40
Pet carrier$30

Monthly expenses

SuppliesCost per monthCost per year
Pet supplies cleaner$15$180
Litter or pet pads$20$240

Yearly expense

Veterinarian  (yearly) $65-$200

Total Ferret Cost For The First Year

ExpenseCost for a year
One time expenses$660-$1,205
Monthly expenses$1,320-$1,560
Yearly expense (veterinarian)$65-$200
Total expenses for the first year$2,045-$2,965

Most items in the table are average, but they can be more or less expensive depending on which brand you buy and your personal preferences.

Second Year Ferret Cost

For the second year, expenses will be slightly less, but still not significantly different from the first year.

You won’t have to spend money on the animal itself, cage, bedding, accessories, and litter box in the second year. 

All the other necessities you would purchase when you own the ferret for the first time are not required.

The expense for 1 FerretCost per monthCost per year
Veterinarian checkupnot applicable$65-$200
Litter or pads$20$240
Cleaning supplies$15$180
Total cost 2nd year$110-$130$1,625-$2,000

Similar expenses will be incurred for a ferret every year after the first one.

Average Monthly Ferret Cost

The first year of owning a ferret can get expensive. The costs can be high when adopting a new pet, acquiring the supplies, and setting things up.

The average monthly cost for one ferret in the first year is around $110-$130 or more, depending on what ferret food you buy and how much money you spend on accessories.

After the first year, the monthly cost of a ferret will be a bit less than what you paid during the previous year.

Additional Ferret Supplies—Beyond The Basic

Even though some accessories might not be necessary, many owners will spend money on them anyway.

There are some mixed views on whether or not you should buy extra accessories for your ferrets.

Some say it is never a good idea to spend money on them, and others think they’re an essential part of the ownership experience!

It is common for a new ferret owner to have this happen in the first year of ownership.

As with any other pet, you might spoil your ferrets by buying other toys and food.

These are some of the additional items that you may want to consider when buying a ferret.

additional bedding $80
extra toys $50
hides $40
snuggle sacks $20
clothing $30
odor remover spray $15
air purifier $50
pet camera $50

Having an extra bedding set is a good idea since you want to always have one on hand in an emergency or when washing the other.

A Pet camera will let you monitor your ferret from afar, whether at work or when away for hours on end.

Domesticated Ferret Types and Prices

The Latin name for the ferrets kept as pets in the USA is Mustela putorius furo. 

Ferrets are available in different fur colors, patterns, and lengths, but they come from the same breed no matter what they are like on the outside.

The American Ferret Association has identified seven different colors and patterns considered ferret breed standards.

Ferret colors are sable, black sable, chocolate, cinnamon, champagne, black ferret, and albino, ranging from $75 to $350.

Ferret prices highly depend from breeder to breeder, as well as from one pet store to another.

Since ferrets are in high demand and there are no enough of these pets to satisfy the need.

For that reason, prices are more on the high end ($250-$350) no matter the color or pattern.

Are female ferrets more expensive than males?

The truth about prices is that both males and females, in most cases, cost similarly. 

However, when the color or a pattern determines the price, female ferrets can be more expensive than males.

For example, black sable and cinnamon females are pricier than ordinary albino and chocolate-colored boy ferrets because they’re less available.

How Much Does a Ferret Cost At Petco?

For the ferret at the Petco store, future owners can expect to pay from $230 to $300, depending on location.

Keeping ferrets as pets is popular these days, and their popularity continues to rise. At the same time, the demand and price increase as well. Not many of them are available on the market.

How Much Does a Ferret Cost At PetSmart?

The price of a ferret in PetSmart is approximately $250 when available.

As ferrets are increasingly popular, the demand is becoming higher. Unfortunately, with this high demand comes an increase in price as availability continues to stagnate.

Ferret Lifetime Cost

Ferrets live for 5-10 years, so here is how much these pets can cost you in their lifetime.

Year from 1-10Cost
1st year$2,045-$2,965
2nd year$1,625-$2,000
3rd year$1,625-$2,000
4th year$1,625-$2,000
5th year$1,625-$2,000
Total for 5 years$8,545-$10,965
6th year$1,625-$2,000
7th year$1,625-$2,000
8th year$1,625-$2,000
9th year$1,625-$2,000
10th year$1,625-$2,000
Total for 10 years$16,670-$20,965

Cost Of Owning More Than One Ferret

After buying the first ferret, many owners purchase a second ferret.

When thinking about the cost of owning more than one pet, ferret food and vet bills can be a significant expense.

Owning two or three ferrets will make your yearly and monthly expenses double to triple.

In most cases, you won’t need a second set of cages and accessories for two ferrets.

How much do ferrets cost when owning two or more?

Expense2 ferrets3 ferrets
Food$60-$100 monthly
$720-$1,200 yearly
$90-$150 monthly
$1,080-$1,800 yearly
Treats$60 monthly
$720 yearly
$90 monthly
$1,080 yearly
Supplements$30 monthly
$360 yearly
$90 monthly
$1,080 yearly
Litter or pet pads$40 monthly
$480 yearly
$50 monthly
$600 yearly
Veterinarian$130-$400 yearly$195-$600 yearly
Total monthly cost:$190-$230$320-$380
Total yearly cost:$2,410-$3,160$4,035-$5,160

How Much Is A Ferret Cage?

One of the more costly and most important things you’ll have to purchase for your ferret is its cage.

Finding the right cage is vital for a ferret’s happiness.

Some cages that are marketed as being designed specifically to house ferrets might not be suitable.

The ferret cage will cost approximately $250 for a new bigger two-level cage, which is an investment in the well-being of your pet.

A more affordable alternative would be to purchase a new smaller 2 level version and save yourself around 100 dollars.

For those thinking of getting a ferret, the two best choices available on the market and owners are to get either one of these cages.

1.Critter Nation
2.Ferret Nation

What is the difference between the two, and which one is better?

Both cages are products of the same company, which is MidWest.

Critter Nation cageFerret Nation cage
$250 and up$150 and up
161 single unit
24W-39H-36L inches
61W-99H-91.4L centimeters
68 lbs (30,8 kg)

162 double unit
24W-63H-36L inches
61W-160H-91.4L centimeters
109 lbs (49.4 kg)

163 add on unit
25W-25H-36L inches
63.5W-63.5H-91.4L centimeters
44 lbs (19.96 kg)
181 single unit
25W-39H-36L inches
63.5W-99H-91.4L centimeters
59 lbs (26.7 kg).

182 double unit
25W-63H-36L inches
63.5W-160H-91.4L centimeters
107 lbs (48.5 kg)

183 add on unit
25W-24H-36L inches
63.5W-61H-91.4L centimeters
42 lbs (19 kg)
Critter Nation cageFerret Nation Cage
sturdynot as sturdy
plastic wheels with lock systemmetal wheels
plastic pan sits on the top of metal racksplastic pan sits under the metal racks
the liner can be put in the plastic panthe liner cannot be put in the plastic pan since it’s under the metal racks
the ramp comes with a coverthe ramp does not come with a cover
easy to assemble as it doesn’t have screwsneed screws to assemble
both doors open all the way, which make it easier to cleanonly one door opens
horizontal barsvertical bars
adjustable shelves/
completely customizable accessory kits available for an additional cost/
privacy cover available for an additional cost/

The most beneficial thing you can do for your ferret is providing it with a suitable home, which means buying the right cage.

Unfortunately, buying a cheap cage now means you will spend more money at the end after realizing your pet is unhappy in the small, cheap one.

Are Ferrets Expensive To Keep?

Ferrets are certainly not the cheapest pet you can own. Unfortunately, these exotic pets come with a price to start with and cost even more each year.

In addition, ferrets are a big responsibility. Aside from essential costs, the veterinary service can be a high initial cost for ferret owners if your pet gets sick. 

Are Ferrets High Maintainance?

Apart from the cost of a pet itself, there are other expenses associated with owning that will be incurred by new ferret owners.

Ferrets need a significant owner commitment. They require at least 2-4 hours out of cage supervised play and exercise every day.

If you are willing to give ferrets that much time, they make great pets. 

Ferrets have more needs than dogs or cats. They can be pretty disobedient and destructive if not given enough attention by humans and providing several hours of daily care. 

It’s essential to consider the requirements of owning a ferret before you buy one.

You should also know that ferrets require to be active several hours per day, which is difficult for many people, so make sure it can fit in your schedule!

How To Cut Ferret Expenses?

Ferrets need a lot of little things, but you don’t have to pay for them. Instead, try making your ferret gear and save money on accessories.

A ferret likes to be comfortable in its bedding, but it can come at a cost. If you know how to saw, you can get creative with items around the house like old sheets, blankets, or pillowcases.

You can make lovely accessories for your pet ferrets, such as a hummock or pet hideout of old blankets and clothes. This will also help cut up the cost.

You can save yourself loads of cash by buying a used cage for your ferrets online.

You’ll find lots of owners who are willing to sell their old cages, and you won’t have any trouble finding the right one for your ferret’s needs.

The used market is a great place to find supplies for your new pet.

Whenever you can afford it, buy in bulk to save on food and treats. Always keep the food closed for freshness, as well as checking expiration dates regularly.

Ferret Emergency Fund

Ferret emergency funds are a wise investment for any household.

Experienced owners suggest that you have a ferret emergency fund of about $1000 per ferret.

Having an emergency fund is essential for a happy and stress-free life. It will save you from significant expenses caused by unexpected events, such as vet visits or emergency surgeries.

Where To Buy a Ferret? stores
2.local shelters (ASPCA, Humane Society, and others)
3.ferret rescue shelters
4.private breeders
5.private sellers who want to rehome their ferrets

Many ferret rescues are available, but owners are also selling their ferrets privately if you would like to rehome ferrets.

Pet store ferrets unfortunately often come with respiratory system problems, fleas, parasites, or ear mites.

Ferrets bought in pet stores, though, might be the cheapest and usually come descented and fixed.

If you decide to get a ferret from pet stores anyway, please be advised that it will most likely come with some health issues. In addition, it means more costs in the future.

Ferrets from private breeders can be healthy or come with health problems depending on how responsible the breeder is.

Putting in some effort to ask for references will help ensure you end up with a happy, healthy pet.

Ferrets from breeders might be too young to be descented and spay/neutered, leading to more expensive costs after purchase.

If you wish to buy baby ferrets, private breeders are probably your best choice. Rescue centers and people who are offering rehoming usually don’t have baby ferrets but rather adults.

Ferret rescue shelters are an excellent source when adopting pets and often have animals in need like cats or dogs that could use someone’s love at home.

The downside of adopting a ferret is that sometimes, these rescues don’t know much about what kind of health history each ferret has.

 There may be times when people get back a ferret with unknown health problems and behavioral issues due to la ack of socialization skills.

The prices of ferrets from these shelters vary depending on a variety of factors. However, you’ll typically get the best deal if you buy more than one.

Cheaper ferrets are usually older and may not be as friendly. Those that cost slightly more tend to have been around longer with many owners over their lifetime.

Ferrets are not always accepted by local shelters unless there is no ferret rescue nearby. Still, you might find one in a shelter near you. It’s certainly worth trying.

Ferret prices differ from one location to the next. There’s no rule that ferrets will be cheaper or more expensive because you’re buying them in a specific place.

Rehoming Ferrets Can Be More Affordable

Many owners have to give their ferrets away at some point in their lives due to various medical needs or allergies of other family members. 

Some ferret owners find that life has been too busy to care for their pets, while others may not have the financial means.

In some cases, you can purchase a cage along with accessories and multiple ferrets for as low as $500.

When owners have to give them away, they will often sell everything for an affordable price. 

These items often include toys, bedding, leftover food, and other items for ferrets.

This means you could save a lot of money upfront.

One of the many beautiful things about rehoming ferrets is that you will have a medical history. 

There’s usually a good chance previous owners took them for a regular vet visit.

If you decide to rehome a ferret, please make sure the animal is healthy and ask as many questions as possible.

Is Ferret Worth The Cost?

It depends on your preferences and lifestyle. If you don’t mind the idea of a high-maintenance pet who needs constant attention, then consider adopting one.

If you want a low-maintenance pet that does not need constant attention, then ferrets are not the best option for your lifestyle.

The cost of raising a ferret is substantial and should be taken into account before buying or adopting.

Ferret costs could seriously impact your expenses if things go wrong or if you have to spend money at the veterinarian.

The average annual expense adds up over time and can become quite expensive without careful planning.

With that said, if you love animals and can afford to care for a ferret, then it’s undoubtedly worth the cost. Ferrets make wonderful pets for the right owners.