Beagle Price [Buying Process, Inclusions, Exclusions, and Useful Info]

Beagle Price [Buying Process, Inclusions, Exclusions, and Useful Info]

Many people find beagles cute and want to own them, but cuteness comes with the price. What is the beagle price, though? I did thorough research on the beagle price range and everything related. Here is what is essential to know about the price before buying this breed.

The average beagle price is $1,260 for pet companions and $2,775 for show or breeding puppies. These prices are average for a purebred beagle puppy from reputable and registered USA breeders. Many factors influence the price, but among the most important ones are puppy demand, breeder’s location, the purpose of buying a dog, and color. To adopt a beagle cost around $375.

These highly ranked hound dogs are loyal companions and good family dogs, but are beagles expensive? Before purchasing the beagle, many questions come to mind. Since the beagle price depends on different criteria, I found the answers to many questions you may have and answered them in detail.

Beagle Price Range

According to chosen criteria, let’s take a closer look at the beagle price and what future owners can expect to pay.

Beagle CriteriaBeagle Prices in US$
AKC registered female puppy$500-$2,500
AKC registered male puppy$500-$2,500
Pocket beagle puppy (13 inches height or less)$800-$2,500
Retired AKC adults$1,600+
Puppies from private sellers without papers$500 and less
Beagles for adoption$250-$500

Please note that the prices in the table above are the prices found among over 100 registered AKC breeders and private listings on the web.

The exact price highly depends on the breeder. Beagle price can be much lower or higher than the presented average price and depend on how much individual breeder values its puppies and adult dogs.

How Much Does an AKC Beagle Cost?

AKC Registered Beagle puppy is a puppy whose parents are purebred dogs and hold all the necessary registration papers with The American Kennel Club.

Some puppy parents are show dogs, come from champion bloodlines, and are more expensive than those without pedigree.

The Lowest and Highest Listed AKC Beagle Price

Prices vary from one breeder to another, but one interesting and unusual fact is that puppy gender didn’t seem to influence the price.

Even though very few breeders sell their puppies with non-limited registration, some of those who don’t may do so if asked and offered more money.

Beagle puppy gender
and buying purpose
Lowest listed price in US$Highest listed price in US$
Female and male pet quality puppies$500$2,500
Breeding and show quality puppies$2,500$3,500

What Is Included In The Highest Beagle Price?

While the inclusions might not be the same with all breeders, many of them include the following.

  • contract
  • up to date vaccinations
  • worm and parasite prevention up to date
  • microchip
  • tail docked (rare)
  • declaws removed (rare)
  • veterinary health certificate
  • veterinary health records
  • health guarantee
  • registration papers and pedigree
  • puppy kit
  • beagle puppy care guide
  • training DVD
  • starter food
  • lifetime breeder support
  • registration papers (after the proof of spaying/neutering for pet companion dogs)
  • pre-loved and pre-spoiled puppy
  • potty trained puppy
  • well socialized puppy
  • Puppy Culture trained
  • clicker trained
  • AKC reunite microchip enrollment
  • lifetime pet recovery service
  • subscription to AKC Family Dog Magazine
  • complimentary first veterinary office visit
  • complimentary 60 days free AKC healthcare plan
  • weekly photo and video puppy updates
  • delivery

As a rule of thumb, the higher the price, the more is included.

What Is Included In The Lowest Beagle Price?

With the lowest price, you can expect the basics:

  • first shots
  • routine deworming
  • health certificate

As you can see, not much is included with the low-priced puppy. Individual breeders may include other things while others even less.

What Influences The Beagle Price

After examining the prices of all the available beagle puppies, I concluded that the biggest factors for forming the beagle price are

  1. the buying purpose
  2. price inclusions
  3. training level

Pet companion beagle puppies are priced lower than show quality and breeding quality puppies.

What are other factors that may influence the puppy price? Let’s find out…

  • breeder’s reputation and distinctions
  • bloodline
  • puppy’s age (older puppies seem to be priced lower)
  • number of puppies in the litter (fewer puppies usually increase the price)
  • buyer’s location (transportation increases the price)
  • beagle color (tri-color beagles seem to have the lowest price)
  • cost of breeding
  • price inclusions

Breeders who hold the AKC Breeder of Merit titles are the most reputable and ask for the highest prices. Only 10% of all AKC Beagle breeders hold this title.

They are usually involved in many beagle breed activities, such as various competitions. Being members of many different clubs, attending dog shows, and breeding for many years is very common.

Bloodline is essential when forming a price. Sire and Dame, who come from good heritage, cost more, to begin with, and their puppies have a greater chance of being champions. For this reason, the price will be higher.

Older puppies who aren’t sold within the regular time frame (9-12 weeks of age) and stay with the breeder for a longer time tend to have a lower price than the puppies sold within nine weeks of age.

Beagle Price Range By US State

Surprisingly, many US states have no AKC registered Beagle breeders available on the marketplace.

The majority of beagle breeders are located in California, Georgia, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, and Texas.

The state of Missouri has the most available puppies and the prices start from as low as $600 to the highest of $1,600.

Find the listed beagle price range and the average price by state in the table below.

US statePrices in the US $Average by State
California$1,000, $1500$1,250
Georgia$1,000, $1,500, $2,000, $2,500$1,750
US statePrice in the US $Average price by State
Maryland$1,200, $2,000$1,600
US statePrices in the US $Average price by State
Missouri$600, $700, $850, $900, $1,000, $1,050, $1,075, $1,100, $1,300, $1,600$1,000
North Carolina$800, $950, $1,100, $1,200, $1,400, $1,500, $2,000$1,300
New York$900, $1,350$1,125
Oklahoma$550, $3,500$2,025
US statePrices in the US $Average price by State
South Carolina$2,000$2,000
Tennessee$500, $800, $1,250$850
Texas$1,400, $1,750, $2,250, $2,500, $2,600, $3,500$2,300

Individual breeders will decide on the beagle price once the puppies are a few weeks old. At this time, the breeder can see what kind of quality each puppy is. Other sellers keep the fixed price for all puppies, no matter the quality.

Is Beagle Expensive?

After analyzing all the expenses and factors influencing the beagle price, they are not an expensive dog breed.

According to The American Kennel Club, beagles are ranked as the 6th most popular dog breed in the USA.

When considering these dogs’ popularity and not enough available puppies to meet the demand, the prices are surprisingly lower than expected.

Many beagles are priced under $1,000, and considering the cost of breeding, the price is reasonable.

The highest-priced beagles come with many unique inclusions and a lot of training. It takes a lot of money and effort to produce the best quality puppies.

Those who pay more have the privilege to live with a well-mannered dog from the start and have to spend less time in the future training and socializing the dog.

What Is Excluded From The Beagle Price

Few exclusions are common among beagle breeders. These exclusions can increase the beagle price tremendously, and the more you add, the more you pay.

While some sellers sell their puppies with very limited inclusions, others offer an upgrade, so that the possible extra price elements may include:

Additional training

Individual breeders may offer additional training for a price. An example of such training is crate training and is charged weekly.


Puppies are usually ready to leave the breeder after about nine weeks. Each buyer will state the pickup date. If the buyer, for any reason, can’t pick up the puppy as agreed, the breeder can charge the boarding fee, which can be by day or week.


Even though microchipping a puppy seems like basic inclusion, many breeders will charge an additional amount to do so, as this won’t be included in the price.


Breeders don’t include the shipping of a beagle puppy in the price. Individual breeders may deliver the puppy for free for short-distance driving deliveries, but this is more exempt from the rule.

Air delivery within the USA can cost between $350 and $440, and for ground delivery anywhere from $250-$500.

Many breeders will help you organize transportation, making sure the puppy reaches its final destination safely.

Beagle Puppy Waitlist

At least half of the breeders will have a puppy waitlist. Because of the beagle demand and insufficient available puppies, waiting for your new puppy to come to the world is common.

Puppy waiting time can be as short as 2 months to up to a year-long, depending on how many puppies are available in the litter.

Breeders don’t sell their puppies just to everyone who wants to buy them. Before your name finds its way to the list, the responsible seller will carefully examine your application.

The average waiting time for a beagle puppy is roughly 6 months.

In some cases, but not so common among beagle sellers, you will be asked to pay a small fee to be placed on a list. This fee is usually around $50. The waitlist fee is non-refundable.

Individual breeders will ask for a deposit right away, which will be instead of a waitlist fee.

Beagle Buying Process

Every buyer who wants to buy a puppy from a registered breeder will have to undergo a certain buying process. Here are all the possible steps.

1. The first step is to contact the breeder or fill out a puppy application that usually contains a lot of personal and specific questions.

To see an example of a puppy application, please visit Country Line Beagles.

2. Once the breeder reviews the application, it can either reject it or accept it and put you on the waitlist. Sometimes, the puppies are already available, and in this case, you will have to pay the puppy deposit or a reservation fee and sign a contract.

To see an example of a contract, please visit Monark Puppies.

A breeder can also ask you to provide personal references at this time to make sure you are the suitable future owner for a puppy.

3. After a few weeks, when the puppy is around six weeks old, the breeder will ask you to pay the rest (total price minus the deposit you paid when reserving the puppy).

Few breeders will ask you to pay the remaining balance in cash when picking up the puppy; however, this is not very common.

4. When the time comes, your puppy will be shipped to you by the breeder, delivered with the transportation company, or you can pick up the puppy in person.

Beagle Puppy Deposit

Paying the deposit is an important part of the beagle price. Every buyer will be asked to pay the deposit once it chooses the puppy.

The deposit amount depends on a breeder but can be anywhere from $100 to $400.

The majority of beagle breeders are asking for a $400 puppy deposit.

The deposit is non-refundable in case the buyer decides not to buy a puppy.

Breeders usually give a seller a few paying options, but the most common ones are PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Zelle pay, and Venmo.

The Real Beagle Price You Pay At The End

There are a lot of components that form a final beagle price. These are the expenses buyers usually don’t think about and find themselves surprised after calculating all expenses.

Here are the possible things you could pay until you finally bring your purebred puppy home.

ExpensePossible cost
puppy price$500-$3,500
State taxdepending on the State
waitlist fee$50-$200
shipping within the USAby air—$350-$440
by ground—$250-$500
additional boarding (if puppy stays after the agreed pick-up time)$25 a day
$100 a week
crate training (offered by individual breeders)$100 a week
travel crate$35-$250
health certificate$25-$150

The buyer will only pay the exact dog price breeder is asking for if the buyer lives close to the breeder and has no additional transportation or any other expenses. Truth be told, this scenario is rare.

In most cases, future owners will pay at least for the waitlist fee and puppy shipping.

These additional expenses increase the price, and they should be considered when deciding on buying a beagle.

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