Can Dogs Eat Apple Pie? [Risks & Benefits]

can dogs eat apple pie

Apple pie is a delicious dessert that is popular among many Americans. If you’ve got some in your household, you must wonder if your pup could have some too. As a dog parent, it is tempting to want to share delicious treats with your furry friend. Not to worry, we are helping you out! 

Can dogs eat apple pie?

Yes, dogs can eat apple pie. The apples in the pie can be highly nutritious for dogs as they offer various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Apple pie is safe for dogs as long as it is fed in the correct quantity. Please keep in mind that the ingredients in the pie crust aren’t toxic to dogs but can be harmful to dogs in large amounts.

You may have been doubtful about feeding your pup apple pie because of its ingredients. Well, it’s good to be extra cautious because dogs’ digestive systems do not have the same tolerance as ours. Yes, apple pie is safe for dogs; but it is still essential to know its effects on their health. So, continue reading our post to understand more about dogs eating apple pie!

Apple Pie For Dogs

Apple pie is made of flour, sugar, cream, and cinnamon. These ingredients, while not toxic, can be harmful to dogs if they eat them in excess. Dogs can tolerate these ingredients in small amounts. So, monitoring how much apple pie your pup consumes is essential.

Most of the nutrients from apple pie come from the apples themselves. Apples are a rich source of fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. These enhance your pup’s digestion and overall immunity. Apples also have a high content of pectin, which is known to reduce cholesterol levels in dogs.

Please keep in mind to limit the amount of apple pie you feed your dog. No food is healthy for dogs when eaten in excess. Apple pie has a crust that contains a lot of sugar and flour. Eating these ingredients in excess could result in health problems like abdominal distress, vomiting, obesity, and diarrhea.

It is essential to monitor your pup’s intake of apple pie. Since small pieces of apple are in the pie, your dog could risk choking on them. Also, artificial sweeteners are a massive no-no for dogs as they contain a harmful compound called xylitol.

Note: Please make sure your pup stays away from all pies that contain nutmeg. Nutmeg is toxic for dogs due to the presence of a compound, Myristicin. 

Can All Dogs Eat Apple Pie?

Apple pie is safe for most dogs, provided that they are healthy. If you have more reasons to worry about your dog eating apple pie, continue reading to understand what is best for your furry friend!

Can Sick dogs Eat Apple Pie?

If your dog is ill, it is best to avoid apple pie. On a typical day, apple pie contains ingredients that don’t have such adverse effects on dogs. But sugar and other components of the pie could worsen the condition of a sick dog. Overeating apple pie can also make your pup experience additional symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

Can Elderly Dogs Eat Apple Pie?

Well, the answer is yes. Elderly dogs generally have health problems associated with old age. So, it is best to consult your vet regarding how much apple pie your old friend can eat.

Can Overweight dogs Eat Apple Pie?

Apple pie is not a good choice for overweight dogs. The sugar content may put your pup at a higher risk of heart disease. So, staying clear of these high-calorie snacks for your dog is best.

Can Diabetic Dogs Eat Apple Pie?

It is best to avoid apple pie in diabetic dogs. This is because of all the sugar and cinnamon present in the pie. It will result in an imbalance in blood sugar levels and lead to various health problems.

Can Pregnant dogs Eat Apple Pie?

Pregnant dogs shouldn’t eat apple pie. The wheat flour in the pie is harmful to your pup’s digestion. The sugar and cinnamon in apple pie may aggravate morning sickness in pregnant dogs. 

Can Nursing Dogs Eat Apple Pie?

It is not advised to feed nursing dogs apple pie. The ingredients present in apple pie can affect your pup’s digestion and the overall functioning of its body. So, we recommend avoiding sugar treats in nursing dogs’ diets as they may reduce their milk production ability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can dogs eat McDonald’s apple pie?

Yes, dogs can eat McDonald’s apple pie. The ingredients McDonald’s uses for its apple pies are safe for canine consumption. Please keep in mind that McDonald’s serves sugar-free artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are not safe for dogs to eat as they contain xylitol which is poisonous to them.

Are dogs safe to eat cinnamon apple pie?

Yes, dogs are safe to eat cinnamon apple pie. The ingredients present in the pie are mainly apples, cinnamon, and sugar, which are not toxic for dogs in the right amounts. All you need to ensure is that there are no additional ingredients like raisins or nuts that could potentially cause harm to your pup’s health.

Can dogs eat apple pie crust?

Yes, dogs can eat apple pie crust. Apple pie crust is made of flour, sugar, oil, and water. These ingredients are safe for canine consumption in moderate amounts. Please ensure that the pie crust doesn’t contain extra ingredients harmful to dogs. If these additional ingredients are present, it is best to consult your vet before letting your pup eat it.

Can my dog eat apples?

Yes, apples are safe for dogs to eat. They are an excellent addition to your dog’s diet. There are several ways to serve apples to dogs as well! They are rich in fiber and have a low protein content. They are also a great source of vitamins such as A, C, and K. Apples are a reserve for calcium and phosphorous.

Can puppies eat apple pie?

Yes, puppies are safe to eat apple pie. Since their digestive system is still new, you should start by feeding them in small amounts. This will help you understand how your puppy’s body reacts to the dessert. If they overeat at once, it may result in abdominal distress and other ailments.

Please remember to only serve apple pie to your puppy as an occasional treat. Apple pie should not be a part of a regular canine diet. It is best to avoid it altogether if there are additional ingredients in the recipe. 


Apple pie is a treat for humans, but what about dogs? We hope this post helped you understand how dogs could potentially react after eating apple pie. 

Apple pie is made of a variety of ingredients. The basic ingredients such as sugar, cinnamon, and flour aren’t toxic to dogs and are only harmful to them on excessive consumption. Please ensure that the apple pie you feed your pup doesn’t contain dangerous ingredients such as nutmeg.

As long as you feed apple pie to your furry friend in the right amount, they’ll be A-okay. Apple pie has health benefits to offer to dogs when served in moderation. So, go ahead and share some apple pie with your dog to satisfy its sweet tooth!

Thanks for reading! 

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