Can Dogs Drink Propel? [Explained]

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Propel is a water-based, flavoured sports drink that is widely consumed to restore the body’s electrolytes. Now, picture this: You’re on a hike with your loyal lil’ doggo in the scorching heat. You pick up a bottle of propel to chug while your furry companion only pants and watches. Most pet owners can’t help but want to share everything they have with their dogs. But the real question here is, can dogs drink Propel?

Can Dogs Drink Propel?

No, dogs cannot drink Propel. Dogs must stay hydrated and keep their electrolyte balance in check like us. However, water is the only right way to do it. Propel contains high levels of sugar, sodium and potassium which doesn’t make it ideal for dogs.

So, it is best to avoid giving your dog drinks like Propel which are mainly targeted for human consumption. Except for the rare cases where the vet advice propel water, it is best to keep it away from your dog at all times.

It is tempting to let your dog take a gulp or two of an energising drink. You probably want to make them feel just as refreshed and hydrated. But should you? Absolutely not!

Dogs do not require the added electrolytes because their nutritional requirements aren’t the same as ours. For a more elaborate answer to the question ‘Can dogs drink Propel?’, continue reading this post! 

Why Shouldn’t Dogs Have Propel?

Dogs do not lose as many electrolytes as humans do during strenuous activities. They don’t need the supplements that we need regularly consume.

Propel water is rich in various minerals and electrolytes that dogs do not require. The best way to keep your furry friend hydrated is simply to allow them to chug water.

That’s all it takes!

We’ve listed out the potential consequences of dogs drinking propel to give you a better understanding of its effects: 

High Sugar Content

We know that energy drinks like Propel have high sugar levels. How does this affect dogs?

The sugar in Propel will replenish your pup’s electrolytes further and leave them dehydrated.

It has no positive impact on their immune system either. The added minerals in Propel can be toxic to dogs.

If you happen to pick up similar foods for your dog, simply look for ones made with natural ingredients.

The caffeine and sugar can cause abdominal distress in your dog after consumption. High sugar levels can lead to vomiting, diarrhoea and even pancreatitis.

Your pooch can also be susceptible to weight gain putting its heart at a larger risk.

This sugar content in Propel comes from sucralose. Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that is extremely harmful to dogs.

Since it is present in a lot of foods and drinks, please double check ingredients before feeding your dog. It can lead to various side effects such as an upset stomach, diarrhoea, etc. 

Sodium-Ion Poisoning

Allowing your dog to drink Propel increases the chance of sodium ion poisoning in their little canine body.

It’s a serious condition and in some cases, fatal. Especially if you have a small dog, Propel could have more adverse effects on them.

Since they are incapable of digesting big amounts of electrolytes at once, they are most likely to fall sick.

Some signs you can check are dehydration, vomiting, diarrhoea, convulsions and generalised muscular weakness. 

Elevated Potassium Levels

Another side effect of dogs drinking Propel is an imbalance in their potassium levels. Propel can completely interfere with the normal potassium concentration in your pooch. High potassium levels are associated with heart complications such as cardiac arrhythmias.

Propel is an energy drink crafted for humans. Dogs have different requirements for physical well-being that various dog food companies cater to.

Ingesting dogs with minerals and electrolytes that they don’t need can be extremely poisonous for their bodies.

Therefore, your furry friend should drink water to feel fresh and rejuvenated again!

My Dog Drank Propel: Now what!

Don’t panic! The first thing you must do is contact your vet immediately. Look out for these signs if your dog consumes Propel:

  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Lethargy 
  • Excessive panting
  • Confusion

If your dog has a relatively acidic diet, propel should be kept away. Consuming propel could probably lead to kidney stones in the pooch. Another important aspect to remember about this is the pH of the water.

Overly alkaline water can lead to issues related to the kidney and urinary tract. As we discussed above, pancreatitis is a possible side effect too. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can dogs drink flavoured water? 

Dogs surely enjoy some flavoured water as an occasional treat. You can find some dog-friendly flavoured water lined up in your local grocery or pet stores. Another way is to simply prepare some tasty flavoured water for your dog right at home! You can make a healthy, non-toxic drink, especially for your little dog. 

Can dogs drink electrolyte water? 

Yes! Dogs can drink electrolyte water that is prepared specially for their canine bodies. Human-targeted beverages such as Propel and Gatorade can be harmful to dogs. Electrolyte water is always advised for sick or ageing dogs that need to get their electrolyte balance back on track. You can always consult your vet regarding when your dog needs it. 

Can I give propel water to my sick dog? 

No, it is not advised to give propel water to your sick dog. If anything, propel may make your pup sicker. The sugar content in Propel may leave your sick doggo dehydrated even further. You should immediately consult your vet.

If your vet advises some electrolyte water for your dog, prepare or purchase suitable water. Propel water has a sugar content that your dog’s little body may not handle. Again, the best way to restore your pup’s electrolytes is water! 

Can dogs drink strawberry water? 

Strawberries are great fruits when it comes to their fibre and vitamin content. Most strawberry flavoured drinks don’t have the goodness of real strawberries. They generally have high sugar content and use other preservatives that can be toxic to dogs.

Preparing some flavoured strawberry water that is safe for your doggo is an excellent option!

You can always try to make something yourself when you think your furry friend deserves a treat. If that is too much work, you can always find various beverage varieties in the stores for your dog. 

What are other suitable alternatives of Propel for dogs? 

There are many Propel alternatives that you can consider over Propel. Nut milk, coconut water and various kinds of vegetable juices. These options aren’t only safe for dogs but highly nutritious too! Other low-calorie choices are almond milk and soy milk. All in all, water is still the go-option for rehydration. 


We’ve now reached the end of the article! If you were confused about whether you can quench your furry friend’s thirst with Propel, you now have your answer.

Unfortunately, it is best to avoid giving your dog Propel. While other drinks may be healthy for dogs too, Propel isn’t one of them. Beverages with added preservatives and high sugar content can be harmful to these canines. 

All your dog needs are plenty of water to be back on his feet again! It is best to stick to foods that are appropriate to feed canines instead of experimenting with risky human foods.

Making homemade healthy drinks for your dog is a great idea too. When in doubt, consult your vet regarding what foods are suitable for your dog. 

And remember, hydrate, hydrate and hydrate! 

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