Can Dogs Eat Banana Pudding? [Risks]

Can Dogs Eat Banana Pudding? [Risks]

Who doesn’t love some dessert after a nice meal? Banana pudding is a popular dessert that leaves many people licking their plates in the end! 

Isn’t it the worst feeling when your pup is looking up at you, hoping you’d share, and you just don’t know whether you can? Don’t worry, we are here to help answer the question –

Can Dogs Eat Banana Pudding

It is best to avoid serving your banana pudding. A couple of bites may not do much harm, but banana pudding is not worth it. The commercial banana pudding we enjoy isn’t a good choice for dogs. It has a high sugar content that could harm your dog’s health.

So, unless you make homemade banana pudding with less sugar, it’s best to keep it away from your pup.

Like us, dogs love having their sweet tooth pampered too! Unfortunately, their little bodies cannot handle as much sugar as ours can. Hey, but there are other ways to satisfy the little ones. Continue reading our article to understand more about how banana pudding affects dogs. 

What You Need to Know About Feeding Banana Pudding to Your Dog

Banana pudding is a widely known dessert that many love. There are so many options to choose from in your local grocery store or bakery. There must have been a time when you had banana pudding on your counter and wondered if your dog could eat it. Well, this depends on the kind of banana pudding you want to feed your pooch.

Dogs need their share of sweet treats in their diet as well. But sharing your banana pudding isn’t the best option. The banana pudding we are used to has a high level of sugar. Some variations also include cream, wafers, and harmful additives that aren’t recommended for dogs.

Bananas are always a healthy option for dogs. They offer a wide range of nutrients and as we know, it is high in potassium. Banana treats are a great idea for a treat for dogs because they are not just healthy but can also be delicious! However, the banana pudding that we are used to has lots of sugar and other additives. 

Dogs don’t digest human foods the way we do. If your dog ends up getting its paws on some banana pudding, it could result in various health issues. Sugar toxicity in dogs can lead to:

  • Diarrhea 
  • Abdominal distress
  • Weight gain 
  • Metabolic changes
  • Risk of diabetes 

Especially if your dog is already diabetic or obese, banana pudding is best kept away.

But if you want your pooch to experience the goodness of banana pudding, you can try making some right at home! Making homemade banana pudding for your dog is an excellent idea. This way, your pup doesn’t have to miss out on this delicious treat. Please keep in mind to use as less sugar as you can while preparing homemade banana pudding for your dog.

It is always best to consult your vet regarding how much banana pudding your dog can consume. Please contact your vet immediately if you observe your dog falling sick from the sugar.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) 

Is sugar-free homemade banana pudding safe for dogs? 

Yes! Preparing some homemade banana pudding without sugar is a great idea for your dog. Dogs cannot handle as much sweetness in their food as humans can. So, using a banana pudding recipe that is targeted at dogs is an excellent way to incorporate banana pudding into their diet occasionally. 

Is banana pudding safe for puppies? 

Yes, you can feed your puppy homemade banana pudding. Store-bought banana pudding has a very high sugar content and other additives that can be harmful to grow dogs. Instead, you can try making some homemade banana pudding with natural ingredients and less sugar. Your pup will surely enjoy it! 

Is banana custard safe for dogs? 

It is best to avoid feeding banana custard to your pup. Banana custard has a high sugar content and can cause a lot of distress to your dog. Please make sure you haven’t dropped some anywhere your dog can lick it off from.

How much banana pudding can I give my dog?

The answer to this is subjective to each dog.  It is important to know whether your dog is lactose intolerant or not. You can start by feeding them small quantities and see how they respond. Dogs are most likely to become constipated if the banana pudding adversely affects their body.

Is it safe for dogs to eat banana desserts?

Banana is generally safe for dogs to eat. A lot of the banana desserts we enjoy have high levels of sugar that our bodies can handle. However, dogs don’t have that high of a tolerance for sugar.

Sharing your banana dessert with them can lead to sugar poisoning, resulting in diarrhea, abdominal stress, and other health problems. The cream and icing on a lot of these desserts are also not suitable for dogs to eat. 

Homemade banana desserts with restricted sugar content are the best option for dogs. You wouldn’t have to worry about your pup consuming too much sugar while benefitting from the nutrients in bananas.


We’ve reached the end of the article! We hope our post has given you the clarity you needed regarding feeding banana pudding to dogs.

Banana pudding is a favorite for many of us, but dogs have different bodies. They cannot digest many foods that humans can.

Store-bought banana pudding is so high in sugar and preservatives that it could lead to various issues in dogs.

The best option if you really want your dog to feel the goodness of banana pudding, just make homemade pudding for your pooch. It is best to add as less sugar as you can. You can also add some special dog treats when they’ve been very good! 

Always remember, that moderation is key. Please ensure that your pup doesn’t end up overeating. It is best to keep banana pudding out of their reach! 

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