Can Dogs Eat Hot Temperature Food? [Explained]

can dogs eat hot temperature food

Yes, dogs can eat hot-temperature food; however, how you define “hot food” matters. If hot food means anything more than 38 degrees centigrade, no dogs can tolerate that much hotness. All breeds of dogs like if the food temperature is about 38 degrees centigrade: this is the recommended temperature for your dogs. 

Can I give hot food to my dog?

While some dogs can eat moderately hot foods, there are risks to feeding dogs too-hot items. Generally, dogs are safe to eat food cooked using high temperatures. Before giving hot food to your favorite pets, keep a few things in mind. 

What is the temperature of food too hot for dogs?

If the food temperature is hotter than about 110°F or 38°C, dogs will find it hard to eat.

Like most mammals and birds, the average temperature for dogs is around 100 °F (37.8 °C). Hence, if you feel food is too hot to eat, the same feeling dogs will get while eating. 

How to identify if my dog ate too hot food? 

If your dog shows the below signs, it can be because of eating too hot food. 

  • Unnatural pawing at the mouth. 
  • Over drooling. 
  • Abnormal panting. 
  • Signs of pain when moving bowels. 
  • Bloodshot eyes. 
  • Signs of confusion and disorientation. 

If you observe any one of the above signs after eating, you must contact your vet. 

Which breed of dogs can eat hot food? 

There is no specific bread that is tolerant of high-temperature food. All dogs like to eat the food anything about 38 degrees centigrade; anything above that level creates problems for your dogs. That is why it is recommended to keep the food cool after cooking. 

What are the health risks if a dog eats too hot food? 

There are risks associated with feeding your dog food that’s too hot. The most common risks are:

  • Vomiting 
  • Extreme Thirst 
  • Diarrhea or upset stomach 
  • Excessive urination
  • Burns to the throat, stomach, and mouth

Take your dog to a veterinarian if he displays any of these symptoms after a meal. These are not immediately life-threatening. However, these risks are worth avoiding, so food should be left until it cools down.

Why is microwave food for dogs not recommended? 

  • In the microwave, food will cook unevenly and can cause burning.
  • If you cook using plastic mix vessels, it will release nasty chemicals.

Hence ensure to heat their meals on the stove or a conventional oven. Microwaves create high friction, and it will alter the molecular makeup of food. 

How can I prevent my dog from eating hot food?

You can easily prevent your dog from eating too hot food if you are looking after your puppy carefully. Follow the below precautionary measures to keep your dog safe and healthy. 

  • Use a microwave-safe container. 
  • Do not feed or put hot water in your dog’s dish. Always use cool or tepid water. 
  • Give your dog fresh food! Do not pre-heat the dish or put it in the oven or microwave before giving it to them. As a result, the container may become too hot for them to handle, and they may burn their mouth.
  • Make sure to use a bowl made from the proper material. If you’re opting for metal or ceramic, ensure it doesn’t hurt your dog’s mouth in any way.
  • Take the food bowl and cool it off before serving it to your pets. If you’ve accidentally cooked it too hot and you need to serve it to your dog, keep the bowl in the fridge or freezer for a little while. Let this stand in the pan for a few minutes to help it cool down before you pass it on.
  • When you’re unsure, use their body temperature as a guide. If you’re not sure something is too hot, give them a small taste. To test if their mouth can take it, give them some, but stop if they show any discomfort.
  • If your dog’s mouth is burned by hot food, take them to a place where you can run cold water over their tongue and gums. This will soothe their mouth and act as an antiseptic for any cuts. If the burn is bad enough, talk to your vet to decide what to do next.

Can I give hot food when my dog is sick? 

If dogs aren’t feeling well, they can’t tolerate hot food like usual.

It is crucial to monitor your dog’s temperature if they’re sick and not give them hot food while they’re under ill condition.

For your dog’s safety, always offer them a small portion of food if you think it is too hot before feeding them a normal-temperature meal.

Can dogs eat spicier food than humans? 

Even though your dog can eat spicier food than you can, it is not advised to give your dog something spicy every day, as this can damage their digestive tract.

If your dog is used to eating spicy food, make sure you don’t let them eat too much. Making a dog eat spicy food repeatedly can increase the probability of it having stomach pains or digestive difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I heat up my dog food in the microwave?

Yes, you can reheat dog food in the microwave, but it is not recommended.

Microwave ovens are designed to cook food fast, but this is not the healthiest way to prepare your dog’s meal. You can cook it in the microwave and give it to dogs, but it should not become a routine.

Is cool food suitable for puppies? 

Both puppies and adult dogs enjoy cold food. As much as possible, try to keep the food cold for them. The way your dog eats their food varies depending on whether they prefer it cold or not. Keep an eye on how they react to temperature changes in food.

Can dogs able to eat steaming hot food?

Heated steam might affect your pet’s digestive system. When food gets too hot or warm, it can lead to bloat. Dogs have a higher tolerance to heat, but this doesn’t include scalding water or molten metals! Always wait for the food to cool down, even if it feels lukewarm.

Can dogs eat hot chicken?

Of course, but make sure you place it in a cold dish or wait for a reasonable amount of time before consuming it. Bear in mind that if you serve your pet dish at room temperature, they might like it better. But, keep cold water handy in case the dish is too hot.

Can dogs eat hot sauce?

This practice is generally safe but should be done in moderation. They can eat a tiny portion of sauce from something like buffalo wings if they like spicy food. Know that you should never give your dog something too hot for them. They shouldn’t touch the hot sauce with their mouths.


When you feed your dog food that is too hot, keep an eye on them for any sign of discomfort. If they are okay and don’t feel any burn, offer them something cold to drink.

If the burn is nasty, contact your veterinarian for advice on what to do next. If your dog eats too hot food, be aware of how hot their internal temperature is and whether or not they experience any discomfort.

In short, yes, they can eat hot, but it should not be too hot. Hence, know your dog and its preferred level of heat tolerance to ensure smooth food eating. 

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