Can Dogs Eat Potted Meat? [Risks and Benefits]

Can Dogs Eat Potted Meat? [Risks and Benefits]

Dogs, being carnivorous, need to have meat in their diet. The best choice is to offer them fresh meat, but there are chances that you might not get one. This is where you might shift to the potted meat. But is potted meat safe? 

To find out, read through the article and get your questions answered. 

Can Dogs Eat Potted Meat?

No, it is not advised that dogs be fed potted meat. Potted meat contains high amount of salt, sugar, and fats – ingredients that can easily upset the dog’s stomach and cause diarrhea. Moreover, some versions potentially contain toxic ingredients and spices.

Although, if you compare dog food and potted meat from a nutritional value perspective, potted meat is good, still it should not be fed to your dog. 

What to consider while feeding potted meats to dogs?

Expiry date

Canned food can be stored and used for long periods. However, if you open and serve the food after the expiry date, it can negatively affect your dog. 

You can preserve it through dehydration

Potted meat can be preserved using the dehydration method. By doing this, you can dry the content until it is fit for serving the dogs. 

Avoid if your dog has a kidney problem

Potted meats are not advisable for dogs under certain health conditions. For example, if your dog is diagnosed with kidney problems, don’t give potted meat. 

Avoid it if your dog has allergies

A few dogs have allergies and intolerances to the ingredients of the potted meat. Hence, check with your veterinary doctor before feeding your dog. 

Is potted meat good for dogs?

The outcome depends on various factors, such as where you found the canned meat if it was cooked or fresh, and how often your dog would eat these types of foods. However, potted food is better than dog food from a nutritional perspective, only if you feed it occasionally. 

Why should you not give Potted Meat to dogs?

Potted meat has a long shelf life, making it less desirable to feed the dogs. But there are other additional reasons as well that make potted meat unfit for the dogs to eat:

Digestive issues

Potted meat is a processed food that is not good for dogs. It can cause digestive problems and so needs to be avoided.

High salt content

Salt can have negative health impacts on dogs. Potted meat has high salt content that can be life-threatening for dogs. Especially if your dog has kidney-related health conditions, it can become deadly because potted meat contains high sodium. 

High in sugar

Potted meat includes sugar, which is considered tricky and can trigger short-term health issues for dogs.


When fed to dogs, potted meat has oil and fat content that can cause serious health issues. Additionally, high fat can make dogs obese, lazy, or even cause heart issues. 

Can cause allergies

Dogs can have allergies, too, and meat allergy is quite common. If the potted meat has ingredients to which your dog is allergic, it can be risky. 

Herbs and seasonings 

These are made for humans to add taste to the food but are not suitable for the dogs’ health. Species and herbs can cause ulcers, and stomach issues, damage the digestive tract lining and can be seriously life-threatening. 

Garlic and onion 

These are taste enhancers but are toxic to dogs’ health. Potted meat can have onions and garlic, and it is good to avoid feeding your dog. 

Added preservatives

Potted meat is a canned food that can have added preservatives and colours. These can have a prolonged risk of developing cancer for the dog, so it is not suitable for them. 

What Happens if A Dog Eats Potted Meat?

The immediate consequences of eating canned meat can depend on how many ingredients are used in the recipe and the dog’s overall health. You may need to visit your vet immediately due to digestive upset, intoxication, or other health issues. In the best scenario, it will not affect your dog. 

What is the best alternative to Potted Meat?

Just because potted meat is unsuitable for your dog doesn’t mean you should abstain from giving similar tasty food to your dogs. You can prepare homemade versions of potted meat. To do this, you need to buy high-quality meat and enhance the taste by adding chicken broth. 

Why do dogs love potted meat?

Potted meats are not suitable for dogs if you feed them regularly. However, dogs love to eat potted meat. The reason is these food are made using tasty combinations. This combination develops cravings in dogs, and sometimes they tend to get addicted to potted meat. 

Can dogs eat plant-based meat?

Dogs are carnivores, and they cannot eat plant-based meat. However you can raise your dog under a vegetarian diet, but you need to take care of the nutrient requirements by supplying the right food. The other issue with plant-based meat is that they are made using preservatives. 

Can dogs eat scrambled eggs?

An occasional small serving of scrambled eggs won’t do much harm to your dog, but keep in mind how you cook them. It’s best to serve eggs raw or as a side to your dog’s regular diet or make eggs the focal point of your favorite dog treat recipe.

Can puppies eat potted meat? 

Yes, puppies can also eat potted meat. Again, they should not be fed often. The potted meat should be fresh and should be chosen carefully by checking the ingredients. And the portion of potted meat should be small. Combining potted meat with a regular diet will help your puppy grow faster. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat cooked meat every day?

Yes. Your dog can only eat a certain amount of cooked meat every day. His body needs to be healthy in order to operate optimally.

But cooked meat should not be a regular part of your dog’s diet; it’s best to combine kibble and processed meats to form a well-balanced diet. Hence, give cooked meat occasionally. 

Do dogs prefer cooked or raw meat?

Domestic dogs prefer cooked meat to raw meat. However some breeds like to eat raw meat, but sometimes over-eating the raw meat can create health issues for domestic dogs. On the other hand, even the daily consumption of cooked meat also causes many health issues, as we discussed already.

Can I feed my dog raw meat once a week?

No, domestic dogs do not prefer raw meat. But if your dog does, you can give two to four times a day for puppies and two times a day for adult dogs. However, the portion of raw meat should be small and provided with other food. It will help to have a balanced diet. 

How often can I give potted meat to my dog?

Of course, your dog needs heavy protein food to grow healthily. However, we should not forget that they are carnivores. Hence giving only potted meat will cause severe health problems to the dogs. Therefore, you should only provide potted meat occasionally to your dog.

Why is potted meat popular? 

Potted meat is available for a lower price. And the taste of the potted meat is good, and hence your dogs can also get addicted to these foods. 


All in all, if you cannot provide fresh meat for your dog for any reason, the next best thing you can feed them is potted meat.

It is always better to feed them cooked or raw meat than canned food. Before providing the potted meat, you also need to know your dog’s nature.

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