Can Dogs Eat Cherry Pie? [Risks]

Can Dogs Eat Cherry Pie? [Risks]

Having a dog at home demands a lot of care and patience. You need to know what to feed them and whatnot. Sometimes, you might feed them, sweets, like cherry pie, as a treat. But is it safe for the dogs to eat cherry pie? 

Knowing about Cherry Pies and their effect on dogs would help you greatly. To find out your answers here.

Can Dogs Eat Cherry Pie?

Though cherry pies are typically safe for dogs, you should never give them to your pet. You should not feed cherry pies to dogs because of the high sugar and fat content and the possibility that hazardous chemicals like xylitol may be present.

Introducing new meals to their stomachs too quickly may also result in digestive problems.

Is the filling of Cherry Pie safe for dogs?

Cherry pie filling is safe for dogs as long as it does not include xylitol. The sugar in cherry pie filling may raise your dog’s blood sugar level, leading your dog to develop diabetes if you give them cherry pie frequently.

What can Dogs eat instead of Cherry Pie?

Instead of cherry pie, you may give sugar-free cherry jam on a simple biscuit to your dog. Alternatively, if your dog likes cherries or their flavor, you might feed him fresh ones.

Other foods that are safe to give your dog include:

  • A simple biscuit slathered with peanut butter
  • Cottage cheese
  • Asparagus
  • Cooked or uncooked, baby carrots
  • Beans of the green kind
  • Peas
  • You should only provide sugary sweets once every three to four days.

Why should Dogs not eat Cherry Pie?

Cherry pies are tasty and may contain a small number of necessary nutrients, but you should avoid them at all costs for your dog. Because of the high amount of sugar in cherry pies, your dog’s blood sugar levels can become dangerously high if consumed in excess.

What are the ingredients present in Cherry Pie which are Harmful to Dogs?

The main ingredient of cherry pie is a sweetener that is harmful to your dog. But there are other things as well which are not good either. They are:


Remember that sometimes you don’t know precisely what’s in a pre-made pastry like the cherry pie, so be careful. Dogs may be poisoned by certain store-bought pies that include innocuous components to humans. If you’ve ever fed your puppy xylitol (an artificial sweetener), you know that it’s very dangerous for them to ingest.

Artificial Sweetener

The insulin levels of a dog that eats a large quantity of xylitol will rise significantly, and this increase may lead to hypoglycemia, which is a potentially fatal illness. You should store all xylitol-containing foods on high shelves or in locked cabinets to prevent dogs from getting their paws on them since this may lead to serious health problems.


As well as containing a high concentration of sugar, the pie also has a large quantity of fat in its composition. If you feed your dog cherry pies regularly, it will eventually get obese and develop diabetes.

What will happen if dogs eat Cherry Pie?

Various issues can arise when you feed cherry pie to a dog regularly. All of them are linked to health complications. They are:

Weight Gain

Overconsumption of fats like Cherry Pie in a dog’s diet may lead to fast weight gain. Increased strain on the joints, bones, and essential organs will result.

Chronic Diseases

The more weight accumulated, the more difficulties that will start to arise. Diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease are all on the rise.

Serious gastrointestinal issues

During times of fast fat intake, acute pancreatitis is a constant risk. Symptoms that may appear include fatigue, vomiting, stomach discomfort, and fever.

Requires urgent visit to the vet

In extreme instances of the sickness, it will need to be treated by a vet with IV fluid administration, anti-inflammatory medicine, and painkillers.

Digestive Issues

Apart from that, If the fat source is dairy-based (i.e., butter), the dog may also find the pie extra tougher to digest. This is because dogs are inherently lactose intolerant.

Long-term effects of the illness

The digestive tract of a dog that eats a substantial portion of a cherry pie is likely to be affected. It will be considerably worse if your dog’s stomach is already sensitive to food.

Vomiting or diarrhea

Vomiting, diarrhea, and a lack of appetite are all mild indications of a digestive problem. Vomiting and diarrhea may last for up to 48 hours in severe instances of gastrointestinal discomfort.


Pies may also contribute to pancreatitis, leading to organ failure and even death if consumed often. Overloading the pancreatic enzymes, as in the case of cherry pies and orange chicken, may cause cell damage and inflammation.

My Dog Ate Cherry Pie – What to do Now?

When introducing new foods like cherry pie into your dog’s diet, diarrhea is regular. It is possible that a piece of cherry pie may make the dog throw up or show other signs of intestinal problems.

There are two things you can do to address this problem:

Pepcid AC (famotidine) should be given: 

To help dogs with gastrointestinal problems, famotidine is an effective and safe drug as there are no known negative effects, and it is available over the counter at your local pharmacy. Dogs should take 2.5 mg of Pepcid AC per 10 pounds of weight every 24 hours.

Feed a diet of bland foods: 

A low-inflammatory, readily digestible diet is known as a bland diet which may include boiling ground beef or chicken breast; a typical dinner is served. 

The meal should have a ratio of two rice to one meat, and it is a good idea to give your dog bland food until their bowel motions are back to their natural state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dogs eat Black Cherry Ice Cream?

Yes, dogs can eat black cherry ice cream but in moderation. Even though feeding your dog black cherry ice cream should pose no immediate health risks, you should avoid doing so unless it’s the last item left in your freezer. The sweet trinity of milk, cream, and processed sugar make black cherry ice cream a sugar bomb.

Can Dogs Eat Cherry-Flavored Foods?

Yes, it is fine for dogs to eat cherry-flavored foods. It’s generally okay for dogs to eat cherry-flavored goods, but that doesn’t imply they should consume them regularly. Sugar levels in the blood will rise even more if you consume processed cherries, often included in cherry-flavored goods.

Can Dogs Eat Cherry Yogurt?

Cherry yogurt, especially black cherry yogurt, may be eaten by dogs according to the rules. However, certain yogurts may also induce gastrointestinal distress and severe pancreatitis because of their high-fat content.

Can Dogs drink Cherry Juice?

Yes, it is good for dogs to drink cherry juice but in limited quantity. Dogs may sometimes be given little amounts of cherry juice as a treat, whether normal or sour. Cherry juice is typically safe for canines to consume, as long as they don’t overdo it. To be safe, you should avoid giving your dog cherry juice frequently.


Even though dogs can eat cherry pie, it is suggested that you do not give it to them, no matter how little the portion. Xylitol is not good for them.

However, even if the pie does not include any harmful elements, giving it to your dog regularly can still result in weight gain, obesity, and diabetes.

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